How to train to be the best?

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How to train to be the best?


Hi, everyone. Today I decided to help new players to be the best in the game League of Legends. Of course, as we all know nothing comes immediately. Things take time and patience in pursuit of the goal. In our aim will be a pro gamer. How to do it? How to train to be the best? These questions today tell an example of one of the better players. His method of victory was the continuous work and training.
Where to start? First, select your roles in the game, in which you are going to train. Here you have available: top, mid, adc, jungle and carriage. Not worth playing any of these roles well, unable to play at least one of them. Focus on the beginning only one to master it to perfection. The next step is to choose the champion of our role in the game. Be sure and read carefully about the champion, check what is skill and what you can do. Here, it will take you some time before you choose your favorite champions. Therefore, I recommend at the beginning of the selection and training of three of them. The next step is the selection of appropriate specialization and purchase runes. Remember that runes give very much, so do not save and buy a full set of perfect for you.
Once you have everything you need to start training. The first play a few games with bots. This will allow you to master the champion. Then start playing with real opponents. It is worth remembering that at the beginning does not give up. Go consistently its path. Once you know what you’ll have an opponent, during loading the game check out his weaknesses. Always prepare for a game. Study, read about the possible opponents. I also recommend watching videos with your character or in your position. Find out how to play other players, what techniques and strategies to adopt. The main thing is not to give up and fight to the end!

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