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How to train to be the best?

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How to train to be the best?


Hi, everyone. Today I decided to help new players to be the best in the game League of Legends. Of course, as we all know nothing comes immediately. Things take time and patience in pursuit of the goal. In our aim will be a pro gamer. How to do it? How to train to be the best? These questions today tell an example of one of the better players. His method of victory was the continuous work and training.
Where to start? First, select your roles in the game, in which you are going to train. Here you have available: top, mid, adc, jungle and carriage. Not worth playing any of these roles well, unable to play at least one of them. Focus on the beginning only one to master it to perfection. The next step is to choose the champion of our role in the game. Be sure and read carefully about the champion, check what is skill and what you can do. Here, it will take you some time before you choose your favorite champions. Therefore, I recommend at the beginning of the selection and training of three of them. The next step is the selection of appropriate specialization and purchase runes. Remember that runes give very much, so do not save and buy a full set of perfect for you.
Once you have everything you need to start training. The first play a few games with bots. This will allow you to master the champion. Then start playing with real opponents. It is worth remembering that at the beginning does not give up. Go consistently its path. Once you know what you’ll have an opponent, during loading the game check out his weaknesses. Always prepare for a game. Study, read about the possible opponents. I also recommend watching videos with your character or in your position. Find out how to play other players, what techniques and strategies to adopt. The main thing is not to give up and fight to the end!

News skin Soulstealer Vladimir

News skin Soulstealer Vladimir


In the end, the new skin is available for bloodthirsty Vladimir.

Name of the new skins that Soulstealer Vladimir. I must admit that it makes a huge impression. I had the opportunity to test it, and in a word, gorgeous. In addition to the unique look is also a special animations in the game, which will give us a great time.

vladimir new skins
It assistive technologies etc. to draw attention to the effects when using skills.

I think it is the best. Honestly tired of me already Vladimir basic animations, and here the total dissimilarity. You can buy it now at a special sale for 975 RP. For those who want something more dramatic effect and would recommend it. Really you will be satisfied. Also be aware of the possibilities of what we can achieve the skin. In my opinion this is the best skins for Vladimir.


Sale 11.07. – 14.07 – Skins and Champions


League of Legends Free Skins

Hi all League of Legends players!

From 11.07 - 14.07 will be available for sale champions and skins. This sale allows you to purchase selected items at half cheaper. Surely many of you are going to be tempted by such an opportunity. Unfortunately, at the current high prices, not every player can afford to buy such expensive items in League of Legends. Here is the good will appears Riot Games, who want to encourage us to buy cheaper things.

This sale will be available the following skins: Akali Silver Fang, Fiora Night Raven, Bandit Fiddlesticks.
Of course, despite the cheaper price is not everyone can afford. Here I encourage players to test our proven and working League of Legends Hack Free Skins. It will allow you to unlock all the skins available for free.

For champions that are available for sale include: Ziggs, Fizz and Evelynn. Here also on our website, we offer you to help you get completely free champions. Check out our new League of Legends Free Champions Hack and enjoy the free champions in League of Legends.

Support – What is it?

suport lol1

Support in the game League of Legends is a role which a person acts.

The important thing in this is that the person is focused on helping.The main task is to protect the bottom bracket of your partner (ADC) and enable it to acquire gold. Of how strong will in a later game adc depends largely on what game slide.

What champions should play on the slide? Here you can divide them into several types. There are those that will do for the tank (Malphite), such that will heal (Soraka), strengthen Player (Sona) or act on your opponent in a way that was easy to kill (Blitz Or Taric). Some champions are more valuable in this position than others. It should be remembered that there is no single type of players on the slide. As much as the different forms of so much too different tactics. One player would be better advised in the role of a tank, and the other as an enemy trap. It is important to choose your way of playing that position and consistently to improve it. For tasks saddle should also be uncovering elements on the map, and clean game of any imperfections posed by enemies. In the later game slide also affects the whole team. It should build up so that assist all players by giving them improved.

Support is a very important role in the game, unfortunately, often overlooked in favor of the attack. Unfortunately, one of the major drawbacks saddle is a small amount of gold and underestimated the impact of the game on the gameplay. For a small amount of gold drops his strength against an opponent, which is less appreciated. After all suport is needed in the game, and its appropriate use will lead to victory.

Jungle in League of Legends

Jungle in League of Legends

League of Legends Hack

Jungle is an area in the game League of Legends between main lines. It is the largest space in the game and is very big for new players.

What gives us the jungle?

First of all, gives us the opportunity to play in a quiet and tranquil place. We dissociate ourselves from the normal gameplay there and we‘re on our own. Can be compared to the jungle to the forest where we go and often do not know what will meet us there. It should be remembered that the jungle is an area accessible to all. What‘s involved each player can go in there and there is a limited number of people. Playing Jungli can be really exciting. Great unknown what awaits us there makes going to enjoy every moment spent there.

What we can meet Jungle?

Of course the main things on which we depend are monsters. They give us much more gold than normal. Some of them give us a special buff (red and blue). In addition, stationed in the jungle boss. We need to kill the boss usually the whole team and a little time. Killing him gives us a special buff and a lot of gold for each player on the team.

Jungle is the place the great unknown, if you like the game full of adventure is the perfect venue for you.

Free Champions Rotation


lol rotation champ

Free Champions Rotation

I greet all the players who have been waiting for a new week in the game League of Legends.
This time the free champions are:Amumu, Anivia, Braum, Caitlyn, Fiora, Renekton, Vayne, Veigar, Vel’Koz, Zac.
I don’t have to wait for to test each of them!
See you in the game!

Game mode 10×10 players?

Game mode 10×10 players?

league of legends gamemode

In-Game League of Legends There are many game modes. They are divided by the type of map but not only. In the game many players who are on the map, the number is 10 They are also the game where there are fewer but never more than ten players. Once was an event in the game where you could play in teams of six. It was called hexakill. Many players like this one bit because of the diversity and denser space on the map. However, it is worth considering how to look like a game where the team consists of 10 players. Surely many of you would like to ever play in this type of game.

How would it proceed? Definitely could use a little more map, although Summoners Rift is a large map that so many players could not hold on it. Such a game would be interesting because of the sheer number of players. Small mistakes units would not be so visible, and teamwork taking on even greater importance. The only disadvantage of server load could be. Such a number of players in one place gave to be felt.

Question is it possible? From a technical point of view, so the game but from the viewpoint of a little less servers. While we can only imagine how grałoby to us in such competitions. Twenty players simultaneously would fight for the win. Maybe someday we will see this in the game League of Legends.

New system the introduction to the game

League of Legends Hack

Hi all League of Legends players.

Producer game announced the introduction of a new system of gameplay. His task will be to introduce new players to familiarize yourself with the game. The overall objective of this project is the faster adaptation of new players and encourage them to continue in the League of Legends. This idea has a chance to succeed. Already, many players favor the same positive aspects of the introduction of the game for beginners.

What this would mainly rely on?  The first is game with bots. This is beginning to learn how the game and what tasks should be assigned to the game. The next step is the knowledge of conducting purchases in-game items. This aspect is very important because new players do not know their subjects. This allows each player has mastered the given items and special design for your character. The final stage will be the most commonplace advice in the game. This is particularly of use skills, how to behave in a given situation and the possibility of playing different way in a given situation. I think that the idea of ​​this development is a huge success, and the level of play significantly raise.

League of Legends – Earn a lot of gold

lol gold

Play League of Legends is so constructed that the most important task in the game is to earn money. Of course, winning gives us destroy the nexus, but thanks to the gold, we become powerful. Gold in the game you can earn in several ways. Be distinguished here craps killing, killing enemies and destroying enemy buildings. In addition, the gold comes to us all the time from the start of the game 90 seconds duration. Most gold you get for murder on the players. But despite this the most will earn the farm. It is killing monsters your opponent.

Moving on to the main topic of how to get a lot of gold in the game it is worth noting that there is really no one way. First, you can focus only on the farm. The best players reach here more than 300 in one game. The impressive result that gives an impressive amount of gold. Jungle is another method for gold achievements. When we clean it and will do so all the time we’ll be rich. Another method more difficult is to get kills. How many of us would like to get the first kill. That’s how gold gets us to the same account augmenting our achievements.

How best to achieve optimal acquisition of gold? Combine it all together. Focus on the farms, in the first minutes of the game, try to get first kill. In the middle part of the game as many farms and descend clean jungle. At the end of the game destroying buildings and earn murder. As a result, you get a lot of gold and your game always end up winning.

League of Legends – Skins for free?

lol skins

What are skins in League of Legends and what we offer? Now skins are the ornaments of our champions, we can choose before each match. With the appearance of the champion changed completely. There are lots of them, and each character has their own. However, in addition to changing the appearance, they have the effect of altering the game. What is connected with this in no way affects the skins does not improve champions. So whether it pays to spend money on skin? So worth it. In addition, we will stand out and look better, an important effect is to put pressure on the enemy. This pressure is caused by only the appearance. Players then begin to perceive us better, believe that we have better skills. Of course, to a large extent this is not true, because the skin can buy yourself each. League of Legends Skins are available only for the money.

The only free skins are available with special events, which is very little. So how to get the skin. To do this, buy riot points or direct purchase for the money. You can also donate such a zest to our friend. This form is often chosen the occasion of the birthday. An important aspect of the skins is their uniqueness. I really really hard to find a player on the other team that will have the same character and zest. With so many advantages you should consider when it really is the point of buying them. The answer depends on what you expect. Certainly not improve your skills. The only thing what will help it gain the respect of the players and trust. So if you want to beautify your favorite champion or you want to stand out from the other check now League of Legends Skins and enjoy the game.


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